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Announcing the latest version of HappyDoc, a Python documentation extraction tool.

HappyDoc is a tool for extracting documentation from Python source code. It differs from other such applications by the fact that it uses the parse tree for a module to derive the information used in its output, rather that importing the module directly. This allows the user to generate documentation for modules which need special context to be imported.

More details are available on the HappyDoc home page at

!!! NOTICE !!!

Before installing HappyDoc 2.0+, any version earlier than 2.0 must be removed. This includes the file happydoc.pth and directory happydoc in site-packages, as well as the executable happydoc in the bin directory.

Version 2.1

The primary reason for this release is to resolve the infamous -d bug.

  • New Features

    • #514237 - The PluginLoader no longer requires a .py extension on plugins. This should allow plugins to be written in any language for which Python can load a module, and as long as the file is named with the right convention they will be picked up and loaded. (The source of this change request was the maintainers of the PLD Linux Distribution.)

  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolved defect #513850, where output was written to the wrong place when the -d option was used.

      NOTE The solution to this problem resulted in changes to the file names being used for output. It is recommended that a new directory be used to generate documentation for existing code, rather than trying to write over the top of existing files.

    • Resolved defect #510447, a problem with escaping special characters in HTML output. Text enclosed in single quotes is now not escaped in output so that HTML text can be passed directly to the output file.

    • Fixed a problem with Windows installation using

  • Other Changes

    • Minor tweaks to the build and test tools.


Download the latest version of HappyDoc from the home page on SourceForge:

Table of Contents

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